IT Management Challenges

It’s a thrilling time to be managing IT for organisations, but it’s challenging to keep up with all of the external influences. There are big opportunities and equally big risks, but there’s also a lot of exaggeration. It’s a full time job sifting through the hype to find the gems that can be applied to your organisation.

Rapid Technology Evolution

Nobody would blame you for struggling to understand what all of the technologies even are: Machine learning, Internet of things, Blockchain, 3D Printing, Mesh networks, Robotics… the list goes on!
The key is to understand enough to see the risks and opportunities they each present to your organisation. Don’t let your competitors get the jump on you, but also don’t dive in without understanding the risks.

Customer Expectations

Generational change combined with the power and flexibility of consumer technology has rapidly inflated customer expectations for digital interactions with organisations. At the same time, there are growing concerns around the secure storage and appropriate use of private information. Organisations are faced with the dilemma of pushing boundaries through innovation, while ensuring information is kept private and secure.

Pervasive Information & Technology

Information and Technology resources are now well beyond the basic office systems of a decade ago. Workers rightly expect to be able to work anywhere at anytime with the full set of information and applications. Many IT Managers are now also responsible for sensor networks that collect data from entire cities, farms, and factories.

Seven Technologies Remaking the World

Seven Technologies 2018-MIT

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