IT Management Challenges

It's a thrilling time to be managing IT for organisations, but it's challenging to keep up with all of the external influences. There are big opportunities and equally big risks, but there's also a lot of exaggeration. It's a full time job sifting through the hype to find the gems that can be applied to... Continue Reading →

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What is a CIO anyway?

You could say Chief Information Officer (CIO) is just another name for an IT Manager. But it really reflects the shift in the role from a supporting role in organisations to being a driver of competitive advantage, strategic change, and innovation. A digital economy means the responsibilities of the CIO are changing. Alongside providing¬†high-quality cost-effective... Continue Reading →

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Professional IT

There are a lot of IT workers out in the world now, so how do you know if you're working with a professional?¬† The Certified IT Professional programme outlines three key attributes: knowledge (IT and business), competence and sound character. The last point is critical, IT workers often see your most commercially sensitive and personally... Continue Reading →

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